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What is
  Janoos is a new and better way to surf the Internet. It takes you to your favorite web destinations with just one click. Janoos is your doorway to the World Wide Web.

So what exactly is this? is an online collection of your bookmarks or favorite web links.

You can create shortcuts to the web sites or web pages that you visit frequently. Janoos lets you create a personalized page which you can set as a homepage of your browser. So whenever you open your browser, Janoos will present your favorite links and you can go to your favorite web site or web page with just a single click.

How does this help?
  No need to remember and type lengthy web addresses. Single click navigation.

It is better than your browser's bookmarks or favorites because it is on the web. You can access your bookmarks from anywhere, any browsers, any device. You no longer need to synchronize your bookmarks across computers and devices. 
Search the web right from your homepage without going to any search engine or installing any toolbars.

Managing your links is extremely easy. You can categorize your links for better manageability and faster navigation.

You can import your existing bookmarks from any browser on to your Janoos homepage.

Janoos is your doorway to the Internet. It is where you should start your web browsing.

It's FAST, it's FUN and it's FREE!

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